Revolutionize your ride with our automotive services – from cutting-edge design to precision engineering, we drive innovation on every road. Explore a world of excellence, where innovation meets performance, making every drive memorable.

Explore how we contribute to propelling the mobility ecosystem forward

Zealogics, where automotive innovation is redefined. From pioneering vehicle electrification to elevating safety through Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and transforming journeys with connected mobility, we craft automotive excellence. Our holistic solutions, spanning body and design innovations to cutting-edge mechanical engineering, are driving the future of the automotive industry. Collaborating globally with manufacturers, OEMs, and Tier 1s, Zealogics is at the forefront of addressing challenges and unlocking new opportunities throughout the automotive lifecycle journey. Join us in shaping the next wave of automotive evolution. 

How We Partner with Diverse Industries

Software Engineering

Revolutionizing user experience, vehicle performance, safety enhancement, and automation. 

Embedded Engineering

Pioneering future mobility through innovative embedded software and hardware engineering solutions

Manufacturing Services

Facilitating more efficient, eco-friendly manufacturing for the future of intelligent mobility.

Mechanical Engineering

Streamlining design, prototyping, and manufacturing processes with automation.

Solutions Driving the Future of Automotive Innovation

Vehicle Electrification

Pioneering automotive innovation through electrification for the future.


Enhancing automotive safety with cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Connected Mobility

Embrace seamless connectivity - Revolutionize travel with connected mobility.

Body and Design

Crafting automotive excellence with forward-thinking body and design solutions.

Mechanical Engineering

Driving automotive advancement through mechanical engineering solutions.

Driving the Future of Automotive Industry

Navigate your Future

The automotive sector is experiencing substantial transformations, moving from fossil fuels to electric/EV and sustainable alternatives, transitioning from ownership to mobility-as-a-service, and embracing progress from self-drive to autonomous vehicles. We assist top automotive companies in navigating these changes, facilitating business acceleration through operational transformations. 

Smart Manufacturing

In the automotive sector, a connected factory, facilitated by cyber-physical systems, produces detailed data on machine health and production performance. This allows for real-time issue resolution and proactive interventions through predictive maintenance, reducing downtime. Smart manufacturing technologies enable flexible production pipelines, supporting mass customization to meet varied automotive specifications. 

Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicles are advancing further with the introduction of 5G, promising groundbreaking developments in road safety. These networked cars feature advanced driver assistance systems, ensuring safety and improved fuel efficiency through preventive maintenance and smart route optimization. The connected vehicles landscape integrates technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, cloud computing, GPS, IoT, and machine learning for seamless communication and actionable insights. 

Autonomous Vehicles

The scope of self-driving vehicles extends beyond traditional cars, Industrial autonomous vehicles, incorporating technologies like Ai, machine learning, LIDAR, and computer vision, are revolutionizing tasks in warehouses and other sectors. As electric vehicles gain popularity, intelligent self-driving features are expected to become commonplace across all vehicle types. 


The automotive industry faces challenges with urbanization and increasing traffic, prompting a shift toward sustainable solutions like Mobility as a Service (MaaS). This transformation is reshaping the industry, with automakers partnering with tech firms to prioritize innovative services over traditional vehicle sales. Evolving services, such as adaptive transport networks and seamless commuting, offer diverse travel options and optimized route planning for an enhanced automotive experience. 

Software-defined vehicle

Experience automotive evolution with our Software-Defined Vehicles, we transform cars into intelligent, adaptive systems driven by software. Stay at the forefront of innovation as our vehicles seamlessly integrate software and hardware, offering unparalleled customization and adaptability for a connected and intelligent driving experience. 

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