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Silicon & VLSI Engineering

Explore the forefront of Silicon & VLSI Engineering with Zealogics. From comprehensive Silicon Design services to tackling SoC challenges in VLSI engineering, we optimize costs, expedite time-to-market, and foster innovation. Embrace the promising full chip design landscape , where we lead in ASICs, SoCs, FPGAs, and MCPs, addressing industry demands in automotive, telecom, IoT, Cloud/acceleration and AI. Uncover industry trends and challenges and join us at the intersection of innovation and Silicon engineering for the future of technology. 

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Innovation through ASIC solutions tailored for diverse applications.


Driving technological advancement with cutting-edge System-on-Chip

FPGA Design

Powering innovation with state-of-the-art FPGA design solutions. 

Tiles/ Chiplets

Innovative Tiles and advanced Chiplets for dynamic silicon solutions.


Transformative MCP solutions for advanced silicon integration

Powering Innovation Across Diverse Industries

Revolutionizing technology landscapes, our silicon engineering prowess drives innovation across a myriad of industries, propelling progress and shaping the future.With a versatile approach and deep expertise, we engineer solutions that redefine possibilities in every sector we touch.

Wireless / Network


Industrial / IoT



Cloud Acc




Mastering Silicon Challenges: Where Excellence Meets Innovation


We transcend silicon engineering expertise with visionary strategic thinking and innovative solutions. Through close collaboration, we tackle your pre-silicon design challenges, providing advanced and performance-oriented designs to stay ahead in industry. 


Our expert teams validate silicon functionality across platforms, offering thorough bench validation and electrical characterization. We streamline productization for even the most complex designs with efficient testing strategies. 

Our Domain Expertise

With our expertise, we empower businesses to leverage the full potential of embedded systems, delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency, enhance performance, and fuel digital transformation.

HW Arch (Hardware Architecture)

Our architecture experts provide end-to-end consultation and innovative services for SOC/ASICs, covering systems architecture, modelling, and specification development. Specializing in diverse applications like self-driving, automotive infotainment, AR/VR, wireless standards, AI/neuromorphic cores, and image processing, we offer tailored solutions, including system-level design for automotive ICs, neuromorphic processors, and custom AI cores. Our services encompass architecture brainstorming, complete system SOC models, virtual platform development, performance simulations, early SW platform development, and specification development for architecture and microarchitecture. 

Analog & Mixed Signal Design (AMS)

Our experts provide silicon design services for successful tape-outs across diverse technology nodes. Specializing in ultra-low-power SoCs, we excel in developing integrated power management features for various devices and nodes down to 3nm. Our experienced teams deliver challenging analog or AMS designs for automotive, avionics, industrial, or consumer products, ensuring high performance, low power consumption, and cost-effectiveness. Covering design, layout, verification, and production support 

RTL Design (Register Transfer Level Design)

Our design engineers specialize in RTL design, collaborating globally on systems and SOC architecture. We develop RTL for core logic blocks and SoC integration, ensuring design performance and power constraints. With expertise in VLSI engineering, we address design and layout verification challenges across sectors such as automotive, communications, AI, and medical instrumentation 

Design for Test (DFT)

Our DFT technology services focus on reducing testing complexities for integrated circuits in SoC, addressing challenges posed by increasing design complexity. Using a hybrid algorithm, we achieve the highest pattern count, and our teams generate an MBSIT tested on standalone test benches with multiple modes, including diagnostic, repair, and BIST verification. 

Design Verification (DV)

Combining expertise and best practices, we offer comprehensive hardware design verification services. From consultancy to solutions, our structured methodologies ensure bug-free products. With partnerships for early access to cutting-edge tools, we specialize in custom Verification IPs for standard interfaces. Our services include Functional Verification, Low Power Design Verification & Testing, Formal Verification, and FPGA Emulation. 

Physical Design (PD)

With expertise in physical design flow and methodologies, we deliver silicon design services for successful tape-outs across all planar and FinFET nodes, including down to 3nm ASIC technology nodes. Our services encompass floorplan and placement, timing optimization, power analysis, and physical verification, ensuring efficient and reliable designs.

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Your ultimate design ally, delivering innovative engineering solutions worldwide. With a dynamic team of industry experts, we take complete ownership of your requirements, collaborating seamlessly across regions. From turnkey projects to staff augmentation, we handle entire execution cycles, empowering you to exceed expectations with style. 



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