Experience the power of SharePoint with Zealogics, your trusted consulting partner. Unlock innovation, drive productivity, and enhance collaboration in your organization. Transform your business operations with our expert guidance.

Elevate Your Business with Our SharePoint Solution

Zealogics offers a range of SharePoint and Power Automate services, including custom document approval workflows, content migration, notifications setup, data integration, form processing, custom actions, and automated content backup. These services help streamline processes, enhance communication, and ensure data management efficiency for your organization.

Transforming SharePoint with Power Automate and AI

Combine Power Automate and AI with SharePoint for a future of seamless automation and intelligence. AI enhances document management, data extraction, and search, while Power Automate automates tasks. Language barriers fade with AI translations, and Power Automate streamlines distribution. AI summarizes documents, and sentiment analysis informs Power Automate actions. Visual content is analyzed, and predictive analytics offer insights.

SharePoint Consulting and Support Services

Experience Unique SharePoint Solutions with Zealogic. We offer comprehensive SharePoint services, including consulting, development, migration, integration, and support. 


We can migrate your SharePoint data to the latest version of SharePoint Online quickly and affordably.


Customized SharePoint consulting services to help you achieve your business goals.


We help organizations select the right SharePoint implementation on premise or cloud and tailor it to meet their specific business objectives and deliver robust applications.

Development & Customization

Our SharePoint experts craft tailored solutions, including Intranet, Extranet, Workflow Management, Content Management, Enterprise Search, and more. Leveraging the .NET Framework and custom coding, 


we seamlessly integrate SharePoint with CRM, ERP, and other custom apps in your business ecosystem, minimizing integration risks with our extensive expertise.

Integrated Manufacturing

Streamlined product manufacturing, reducing time-to-market and costs while ensuring high-quality outcomes. Our integrated solutions enhance your competitive advantage.

Create amazing SharePoint Solution with us..!​​

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