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Achieve time and cost savings with our DevOps services. Benefit from agility, automation, and continuity while ensuring governance. Our offerings include cloud integration, CI/CD, , containerization, DevSecOps, AI/ML, AI Ops, and more.

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Unlock the potential of modern software development with our DevOps consulting services. Our experienced engineers seamlessly incorporate DevOps processes, leveraging cutting-edge tools and frameworks. With Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Integration, we accelerate your product’s time-to-market while minimizing costs. Trust our industry-leading expertise and market-validated best practices to deliver a feature-rich product efficiently.

DevOps Consulting Services

DevSecOps, short for Development, Security, and Operations, is a holistic approach that integrates security throughout the IT lifecycle. Despite the accelerated pace of software delivery through CI/CD pipelines, manual risk assessment can be time-consuming and delay deliveries. Zealogics offers a comprehensive DevSecOps transformation that secures every step from development to production, ensuring a fast and secure journey.

Securing Your Microservices and Containers

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of Microservices and Container CI-CD framework design, ensuring robust security is paramount. Here are key areas of focus.

Environment and data security

Ensuring CI/CD Process Security:

SRE Services

Zealogics offers SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) services to improve system reliability through a holistic approach spanning the entire software lifecycle. We bridge communication gaps between IT ops, DevOps, and software development teams, optimizing cloud strategies, enhancing observability, and streamlining product development cycles. Our goal is high availability with cost-efficient solutions.


Evaluate the present condition by conducting interviews with pertinent stakeholders in order to gain insights into the existing workflow.


Identify workflow bottlenecks, devise an optimization roadmap, and conduct a gap analysis comparing the current state with the desired maturity state.


Documented best practices have been shared and an implementation roadmap is also documented.


Create an SRE backlog for proactive improvements post-discovery. Begin automating high-priority tasks and enhance SLO monitoring and business transparency.


Enhanced awareness and adoption within the unit, fostering seamless integration of DevOps practices.


Promote knowledge sharing and automate SRE tasks such as alert filtering, incident classification, and incident log updates.

Continuous Improvement

Enhance and assess continuous improvement efforts, aiming to streamline processes.


Achieved full automation of data-driven processes, ensuring reliability, scalability, and repeatability.

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