Explore the Future of Electrical Engineering with cutting-edge tools and expert guidance in wiring, schematics, routing, bundling, segregation, power distribution and more. Seamlessly navigate concept development, 3D wiring, optimisation, costing, prototyping, and testing. 

Electrical Engineering's Crucial Role in Digital Transformation

Electrical engineering is driving significant advancements in digital transformation, enabling streamlined processes and innovation in new product development. It plays a pivotal role in wire harness optimization, cable management, circuit design, and power optimization. Moreover, it ensures efficient thermal management, seamless integration, and compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. In the AI era, electrical engineering continues to be instrumental in sustenance engineering, sustaining, and enhancing technology for a brighter, more connected future. 

Elevating Innovation in Electrical Engineering

We redefine the standards of electrical engineering services. Our holistic approach, backed by cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise, sets us apart. From concept to sustenance engineering, we are committed to pushing boundaries in innovative product development 

Our Electrical engineering offerings or our key offerings

Bundling and Segregation

We expertly manage wire bundling and segregation to prevent interference and ensure safety. This service enhances the overall efficiency of your electrical systems.

Power Distribution Systems

We design and implement efficient power distribution systems, ensuring that energy is distributed reliably and efficiently throughout your product or vehicle. 

Harness Drawing Creation

Our detailed harness drawings provide comprehensive documentation for manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. They include critical information for assembly and troubleshooting. 

2D to 3D Harness Conversion

We specialize in converting 2D harness designs into 3D models, facilitating seamless integration into your product and enhancing visualization and accuracy in design and production. 

Installation Design and Instructions

Our installation design service ensures that the wiring harness is integrated correctly into your product, equipment, or vehicle. We provide clear instructions for installation, minimizing errors. 

Flattened Harness Model or Form Board Design

We create flattened harness models or form boards for production purposes. These templates ensure accurate assembly, reducing errors and saving time. 

Wire Harness Costing and Optimization

Our team specializes in wire harness costing and optimization, helping you reduce costs while maintaining quality and performance. 

Electrical Component Database Creation

We build comprehensive databases of electrical components, facilitating easy access to critical information for design, sourcing, and maintenance. 

Harness Product Built Support

We provide ongoing support throughout the product development process, assisting with testing, troubleshooting, and any necessary modifications to ensure your harness functions flawlessly. 

Wiring Harness Design

Our Wiring Harness Design service ensures that your electrical systems are optimally structured and integrated. We meticulously plan the layout, component placement, and connectivity, considering safety, efficiency, and reliability. 

Harness 3D Routed Design

Our 3D Routed Design service transforms your wiring harness plans into a three-dimensional model. This enables precise visualization and integration into your product, optimizing spatial utilization detecting and addressing potential issues before production. 

Vehicle & Equipment Schematic Design

We specialize in creating detailed schematics for vehicles and equipment, providing a visual representation of electrical systems. Our schematics are comprehensive, ensuring seamless integration and functionality. These blueprints are crucial for understanding and troubleshooting complex systems. 

Our Domain Expertise

With specialized expertise spanning diverse industries, our electrical wire harness design services offer unmatched innovation and precision. Our proficiency extends to CAD geometry management, compliance with global standards, meticulous documentation, and stringent regulatory adherence. Whether optimizing power distribution in vehicles or ensuring signal integrity in server racks, we’re committed to delivering cutting-edge wire harness designs that meet the highest industry standards and client expectations. 

Semiconductor Equipment

Design complex cable and fibre interconnects, maintain technical documentation, and ensure compliance with SEMI standards. Expertise in module and HARNESS design optimization, engineering change management, and equipment installation. 

Server Racks and Storage

Designing intricate wiring infrastructure for servers, storage, and networking equipment, considering power, data transfer, cooling, and EMI shielding. Creating detailed schematics and diagrams, ensuring signal integrity, cable management, and proper cable routing. 


Offering electrical harness modelling, schematics, and adherence to European rail standards like EN 50155 and EN 45545. Expertise in wire routing, bundling, and connections while considering factors like vibration and electromagnetic compatibility. Comprehensive documentation and electrical cubicle design. 


Specialized in Wiring Harness design, electrification, and DMU, with a focus on CAD Geometry Management and meeting global standards such as USCAR2 and LV214. Proficient in connector catalogue management and power distribution module development using Capital Harness System. 

Electronics & Hi-Tech

Customized design based on functional requirements, voltage, current, and environmental conditions. Detailed schematics, optimal routing paths, connector selection, termination methods, and EMI/RFI mitigation. Comprehensive BOM and documentation ensuring compliance with industry regulations. 


Designing wiring harnesses for medical equipment, ensuring ISO 13485 and UL compliance. Integration into medical devices while meeting regulatory standards, including component selection and prototype testing. Detailed engineering documentation adhering to ISO 13485. 

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