Mechanical Engineering

Experience comprehensive mechanical engineering services tailored for efficient system design, analysis, and optimization. 
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Powering Digital Transformation and Innovation

Mechanical engineering is revolutionizing digital transformation, enabling efficient new product development, optimizing designs, conducting precise engineering analysis, implementing robust systems engineering, and ensuring sustainable engineering practices in the AI era. It drives innovation, enhances productivity, and delivers reliable solutions, propelling industries forward with its expertise in integrating advanced technologies and methodologies across diverse domains.

Pushing Boundaries for Innovative Product Development

Zealogics consistently delivers exceptional results, transforming ideas into tangible, market-leading products. Through collaborative ideation, meticulous design processes, and cutting-edge technologies, Zealogics helps clients stay at the forefront of their industries, outpacing competitors and achieving remarkable growth.

Our Domain Expertise

We specialize in delivering expert mechanical engineering services, meticulously tailored to meet the distinct requirements of diverse industries. Our focus on innovation, efficiency, and reliability empowers clients to achieve excellence in their respective sectors.

Semiconductor Equipment

Offering module and system design optimization, adhering to SEMI standards, engineering change management, non-conformance handling, process automation, and precise equipment installation.


Providing comprehensive system and component design, structural analysis, engineering change management, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) services, and non-conformance management, ensuring aviation excellence.


Delivering advanced vehicle design, vehicle systems engineering, structural optimization, interior and exterior solutions, seating systems, crash simulations, safety testing, and manufacturing process optimization.


Excelling in rolling stock design and engineering, platform engineering, car body design, interior and seating solutions, change management, non-conformance handling, simulation studies, and optimization strategies for seamless rail transport systems.


Specializing in heavy equipment design and optimization, hydraulic and mechanical system engineering, engineering simulation, fabrication design, and engineering change management for mining and farm equipment.

Electronics & Hi-Tech

Providing product and system design, electronic packaging, thermal management, product miniaturization, lightweighting, failure analysis, reliability improvement, and innovative solutions for the Hi-Tech industry.


Leading in medical equipment design and development, biomechanics, ergonomic analysis, FDA and regulatory compliance support, medical device prototyping, testing, and product lifecycle support for improved patient care.


Excelling in antenna design, system design, electronic packaging, thermal management, product miniaturization, lightweighting, and EMF/RF exposure compliance assessments.

Oil & Gas

Delivering component and structural design optimization, bolted joint analysis and reliability assessment, fabrication design, change management, and BOM control for process equipment, and sub-system engineering for oilfield equipment.

Refineries and Petrochemical Industry

Offering plant design engineering, including conceptual and techno-economic feasibility studies, FEED & basic engineering, pre-bid/proposal engineering, detailed design & engineering, process engineering, piping engineering, electrical and instrumentation engineering, structural and civil engineering.

Heavy Machinery & Process Industry

Specializing in process equipment and material handling solutions, heavy machinery design, structural analysis, energy efficiency studies, fabrication design, bolted joint optimization, change management, and sub-system engineering for optimized operations.

Energy & Utilities

Providing expertise in power generation, transmission, renewable energy solutions, system specification and selection, verification of specifications, system design and integration, structural analysis, fabrication design, bolted joint analysis, engineering change management, legacy data migration, and configuration management.

Our Mechanical engineering offerings

Product Design & Development

From concept to digitalization, we offer comprehensive design services, engineering analysis, and reverse engineering to transform ideas into market-leading products.

Systems Engineering

Leveraging MATLAB & Simulink, we provide end-to-end product engineering and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) solutions.

Engineering Analysis and Simulation

Our expertise spans various analyses like CFD, fatigue, thermal, crash simulations, enabling robust product performance.

Sustenance Engineering

Seamlessly manage engineering changes through Engineering Change Management (ECR, ECO, ECN), data and platform migration, obsolescence, and value engineering for sustained product excellence.

Non-Conformance Assessment

Expertise in Non-Conformance Assessment, CAPA, and preventive actions to ensure product quality and compliance.

Plant Design Engineering

We offer comprehensive plant design services, including layout, 3D routing, safety, testing, and project management.

Heavy Machinery Engineering

Our team handles system selection, structural design optimization, bolted joint analysis, and fabrication design for heavy machinery.

Cost Engineering & LCA

Achieve cost efficiency through should costing, target costing, design to cost, value engineering, DFMA, and fast-track Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) assessments for mechanical and electronic products.

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