Every Minute Counts

 AI-Powered Time-Tracking for Professionals


Effortless Time Capture for Enhanced Work Efficiency

ZeaTracker captures your time at work without taking you away from your clients. By seamlessly integrating with all your apps, ZeaTracker captures all your activities – meetings, emails, calls, documents, research, and work apps. No more unreliable data resulting in lost billable hours or wasted time on unproductive activity. 

Where Time Meets Technology

Experience the future of time management with ZeaTracker, where AI-powered technology fuels your daily workflow.

Automated Time-Tracking

Streamline your day’s activities with ZeaTracker’s AI-powered time-tracking – logging all your activities without needing post-it notes, timers, or creating time sheets. 

Accurate Client Invoicing

Improve client billing with ZeaTracker’s precise AI-powered time tracking tool ensuring complete and accurate billable hours – never lose a minute of time again! 

Optimized Time

ZeaTracker provides comprehensive insights into your work habits and behaviors, assisting you in optimizing your productivity and overall work efficiency.

Insights & Analysis

Enhance business performance by monitoring client chargeable hours uncovering valuable insights that empower informed decision-making and ultimately drive profitability. 

Privacy and Security

Sleep soundly knowing that ZeaTracker safeguards your data with our exclusive proprietary, private time-tracking approach and secure, cloud hosting.

ZeaBot™ Support

Experience enhanced end user satisfaction and an integrated chat experience powered by ZeaBot.   

Image of DB Hours

ZeaTracker™ AI-engine creates a detailed account of your day’s activities, including meetings, research, client interactions, emails, and administrative tasks to address administrative inefficiencies, lost billable hours, and unproductive behavior.

Image Close-Up of DB Hours

ZeaTracker’s™ AI works for you, capturing all of your day’s activities, eliminating time spent away from your clients.

Image of Screens on Different Devices

ZeaTracker offers flexible access on all devices—Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android—enabling seamless transitions between your laptop, phone, tablet, and smartwatch, ensuring productivity wherever work leads you.

Image of Projects DB

ZeaTracker™ allows you to easily associate your day’s activities with client projects in one centralized dashboard making client budgets and billing effortless.  

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