Client Success Story

Advanced Alert ICRC Health Monitoring Dashboard


Microelectronics Solutions Provider

A new health monitoring dashboard interface has been developed for an Alert & Health Monitoring tool. This tool triggers alerts and warning messages on desktop notifications when thresholds are exceeded for CPU temperature, power surges, low fan speed, helping engineers take the necessary actions.

Client Challenge

Client required to develop a suite of applications and services, including a web app, web API, multiple request services, and a desktop app for the purpose of Alert & Health Monitoring of ICRC. These applications are designed for remote infrastructures that are not accessible via the public internet and are exclusively accessible by authorized engineers. The development of these applications presented challenges due to the utilization of outdated hardware, low performance, and the need to establish remote connections via a VPN-over-VPN configuration.


Ideal Solution Proposed

We created this application using the Angular and .NET framework, with MariaDB as the database system. The health monitoring system is designed to generate alerts and warning messages when thresholds related to CPU temperature, power surges, and low fan speed are exceeded in ICRC, SPDU, and FAN Controller systems. Engineers can search for data based on rack type, specific subsystems across racks, or the chronology of alerts over time. They also have the capability to temporarily pause alerts for a designated period and take the required actions, among other features.

This is a staging enviroment