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Revolutionize Industrial Safety with AI-Powered Real-Time Monitoring



Industrial accidents can be expensive and catastrophic. Traditional safety monitoring frequently fails, relying on reactive measures that address incidents only after they happen. This reactive strategy exposes workers to risk and leaves businesses dealing with

Client Challenge

A leading chemical processing company, seeks to enhance worker safety and operational efficiency. Their current safety monitoring system faces challenges including limited real-time monitoring, a reactive approach to incidents, and data-driven limitations. They requires a solution offering real-time hazard monitoring, AI-powered predictive safety, data-driven insights, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced regulatory compliance. With an AI-powered Real-Time Monitoring solution, aims to create a safer work environment, improve efficiency, and proactively address safety concerns.


Ideal Solution Proposed: Chemical Processing Safety, Real-Time Monitoring with AI

Zealogics offers a suite of innovative solutions designed to enhance safety and efficiency in complex industrial environments. using Angular and .NET frameworks, utilizing MariaDB for data storage. With our cutting-edge AI-powered Real-Time Monitoring System tailored for the demanding chemical processing industry. Our system seamlessly integrates with existing sensors, continuously monitoring critical parameters to ensure safety.



  1. Predictive Hazard Detection: Advanced AI algorithms identify potential hazards in real-time, preventing accidents and safeguarding workers.
  2. Instantaneous Risk Alerts: Immediate notifications are triggered upon detecting anomalies, allowing for swift intervention and hazard mitigation.
  3. Actionable Data Insights: Comprehensive data analysis tools provide insights for proactive safety planning and resource allocation.
  4. Streamlined Monitoring Processes: Automated data collection and analysis improve operational efficiency and productivity.
  5. Enhanced Regulatory Compliance: Continuous real-time monitoring ensures adherence to safety regulations, minimizing risks.

Other Benefits :

  • Significantly Increased Safety
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Reduced Compliance Risks
  • Enhanced Safety Culture

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