Client Success Story

Advanced Diagnostics Dashboard for High Voltage Qualification


Microelectronics Solutions Provider

Here is a new Diagnostics dashboard interface developed for HV ACPD, a diagnostic tool used during High Voltage Qualification of the multibeam SEM. The HV ACPD includes hardware, firmware for controlling the NI DAQ, and software for generating reports by combining discharge data with wafer stage position.

Client Challenge

Client required development of a desktop application for process diagnostics (High Voltage Qualification) with a dashboard to input certain parameters (manual/semiauto) including target voltage, ramp rate, settle time, monitoring of output voltage and current, chamber vacuum pressure over time, stopping at higher voltage, ramping down and up after fuse arching, and arching detection on the wafer trajectory, among other features.

Ideal Solution Proposed

Our team utilize the WPF framework for constructing this application, offering a robust solution for Windows-based systems. We successfully transitioned MATLAB and LabVIEW code to C#, which was previously used for data acquisition and wafer movement tasks. In addition, the existing building blocks and framework were leveraged to seamlessly integrate the tool into the current test manager environment.

This is a staging enviroment