Client Success Story

Advanced Integration and Seamless Feature Expansion for Elite GUI



The incorporation of new features, aligned with customer needs, has further streamlined the control of these devices, offering developers enhanced capabilities for precise wafer scanning and defect identification. Elite GUI continues to be an indispensable tool in optimizing the performance of Escan 1000 and Escan 1100 systems.

Client Challenge

Elite GUI is designed to provide users with convenient access and control over various system components, including the wafer scanning system and imaging software. The focus is on introducing new features that necessitate smooth integration with the current infrastructure and the resolution of deployment-related issues.

Ideal Solution Proposed

We identify customer requirements, designing new features, conducting thorough testing, and deploying these enhancements. This team played a key role in implementing novel features like ADRC, Care Area, and Reticle selection. They also addressed critical bugs through backend development in C#, WPF interface design, and the migration of legacy controls and code from WinForms to WPF.

This is a staging enviroment