Client Success Story

Enhancing Automotive Design: Styling Feedback & Feasibility

Automotive Design Enhancement

Automotive Manufacturer

In the dynamic automotive industry, Zealogics stands as a seasoned expert in crafting outstanding car model designs. A leading automotive manufacturer once sought our mechanical engineering team’s expertise to evaluate and enhance the styling of an upcoming car model. We provided comprehensive feedback on both interior and exterior designs, conducted thorough feasibility analyses, and ensured compliance with stringent safety regulations. The outcome was an optimized car model design that seamlessly blended visual appeal with functional excellence. Explore our case study to learn more about this transformative collaboration using Automotive Design Enhancement.

Client Challenge

A leading automotive manufacturer sought specialized expertise to assess the design elements of their forthcoming car model, focusing on both interiors and exteriors. The primary challenges encompassed ensuring design feasibility, precise component locating, and compliance with ECE & FMVSS regulations, all while upholding aesthetic excellence. The client emphasized the need for accurate feedback concerning gap and flush consistency, potential interference issues, and structural integrity. The objective was to minimize design iterations, control costs, and meet the product launch deadline in a punctual manner.

Ideal Solution Proposed

Our team of mechanical engineering experts conducted an extensive analysis employing advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and visualization tools. The in-depth study encompassed evaluating styling feedback, packaging considerations, and overall feasibility assessments. We meticulously reviewed design aesthetics, thoroughly analyzed structural integrity, and proposed optimizations to meet stringent safety regulations. Our engineers devised a precise strategy for part locating and fixation, proactively addressing potential interference issues. Moreover, gap and flush consistency were subjected to rigorous analysis to ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Leveraging our proficiency in ECE & FMVSS regulations, we ensured full compliance with safety standards. This comprehensive automotive design enhancement approach resulted in a highly feasible and visually captivating automotive design, significantly reducing the necessity for design revisions and expediting the product launch timeline.

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