Client Success Story

Learning Portal Teams AI


Digital Transforamtion 

Zealogics designed and developed a Teams application with ChatBOT AI capability and onboarded into Microsoft Teams App Store. Users can interact with the Chat BOT in natural language from Teams, get the course details, register, review, get reminders, learning progress, course insights, search and filter, and many more features incorporated in it.

Client Challenge

The existing Learning Application portal has some limitation with respect to overall customer experience. Also had difficulty is communication and management of courses due to multi-tenant scenarios. As part of their digital transformation initiative, they decided to transition from a traditional website to Microsoft Teams with integrated chatbot capabilities to enhance customer engagement and streamline support processes.

Ideal Solution Proposed

Zealogics’ App helping customer global distribution of the application through Microsoft Teams App store. By centralizing all interactions within Microsoft Teams, customers enjoyed a consistent user experience. They no longer needed to switch between channels, quick Q&A connects, stipulated reminders and alerts, course progress, completion status and more seamless and convenient experience.

This is a staging enviroment