Client Success Story

Material Notification List Management Report


Digital Transforamtion 

A new platform developed on Power BI for assisting the users to analyze, track and manage the top Material Notification List based on the selected criteria. By doing so the users would be able to narrow down the list of component on which they have to work on. The set of filters are also helpful for achieving the same.

Client Challenge

Each week a list of component with issues on which the team must work is shared from Tainan factory, team needs to work on a selected number of component based on a set of criteria also taking priority into account. This list should be determined for a specific interval of time which is susceptible to change. Handling this manually and integrating with different data sources is time consuming as this must be updated every day.  

Ideal Solution Proposed

Zealogics team developed a power BI report to determine the top N component based on the selected criteria and time frame. Identify if they are a part of priority list used in the release readiness report, view the issue and ticket created for them. This report also provides the visual representation of the data as per the user requirements.

This is a staging enviroment