Client Success Story

Revolutionizing Project Management with PowerApps

Project Management with PowerApps



Your Gateway to Real-time Prototype Status and Progress Tracking. A valuable tool for all stakeholders involved in prototype development. It brings transparency, efficiency, and collaboration to the forefront, making it easier than ever to stay on top of your project’s status and ensure its successful completion.

Client Challenge

Transforming Hardware Development: A partnership aimed at modernizing legacy HMI hardware components, aligning them with a hardware database, and producing multiple hardware units for testing is in progress. To enhance the efficiency of this intricate process, a Project Tracking Platform has been introduced, offering real-time visibility into project stages, from design through to delivery, in alignment with a forward-thinking vision.

Ideal Solution Proposed

Our development team has successfully created a Project Management Dashboard utilizing PowerApps for SharePoint, ensuring comprehensive stakeholder participation. This versatile tool streamlines the workflow for new prototypes, encompassing tasks such as approving schematics, managing Bills of Materials (BOM), tracking health status and alternates. Furthermore, it facilitates real-time updates on the procurement status of components and bare boards, assembly build progress, testing status, report generation, approval processes, and shipping details. This holistic view provides stakeholders with invaluable insights into project progress.

This is a staging enviroment