Client Success Story

Streamlining Hardware Supply Chain Integration


Microelectronics Solutions Provider

Zealogics populated Excel data with component specifics, including MPN, suppliers, and health status. Utilizing PowerBI, a visual canvas was crafted for module and component selection, aided by status icons, streamlining data management and task prioritization.

Client Challenge

Two distinct hardware databases are in use, each supplied by their authorized vendors. The objective is to establish a unified supply chain for approved hardware components. To achieve this, the task was assigned to a team to identify components sourced from authorized suppliers and seek alternative sources for the remainder, obtaining approvals for these new supplier relationships.

Ideal Solution Proposed

We created a PowerBI Canvas, a powerful tool, facilitates engineers in efficiently searching for modules and components while providing comprehensive insights into their status. It streamlines the process of determining whether they are approved, unapproved, in the approval pipeline, or in the process of finding alternative suppliers. This tool not only enhances data accessibility but also assists in making informed decisions regarding component management and procurement strategies.

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